3 mm hollow mortise chisels and bits

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3 mm hollow mortise chisels and bits

Sat Sep 15, 2018 9:41 pm

Not sure if this is the best forum for this and I won't mind if it gets moved.

I'm a fan of Lee Valley's square hole punches for making small mortises for Greene and Greene style square ebony plugs. The smallest they make is 3/16 and I'd like to get a smaller one. LV said they have no plans to make a smaller version right now but maybe in the future. For a substitute, I looked around for a 1/8" hollow mortise chisel and finally found one made in Japan by Nakahashi. Not easily available directly from Japan as far as I know, but available from the UK at Scott + Sargent (for a hefty sum, about $78 plus shipping and taxes):


Nakahashi makes LV's standard sized premium hollow mortise chisel and bit sets. So I asked Lee Valley if they could import this small one and they said yes, by special order. If you are in the USA or Canada it is significantly cheaper than ordering from the UK.

"We heard back about your special order request (#502525), and it turns out we are able to bring in the 3mm version of this Hollow Mortise Chisel Set (vendor part 3MMHMC) for you. The price would be $58.00 each, plus any applicable shipping and tax. The vendor did advise that we let you know this particular set has a 3/4" shank instead of 5/8” like the ones we normally carry, so you may want to confirm if your machine can accommodate this size before deciding.

As for availability, we would not be able to request this product from our vendor until we next place an order with them. While we cannot guarantee an exact date of when we will next be ordering, our past history indicates that we will likely place another order within the next 2-3 months. From then, it would take about 8-10 weeks for the shipment to arrive here.

Should you wish to proceed with this special order, please reply to this message and let us know how many you would like. No deposit is needed, so we just need to let our buyers know to request them the next time they place a purchase order with this supplier."

Just passing this along in case anyone else has a use for such a small mortising chisel and/or bit. And note that it has a 3/4" shank. If you want one, you can contact LV soon and they will add you to the special order (I asked them and they said this was fine). Or you can ask them to special order for later, with a longer lead time.
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Re: 3 mm hollow mortise chisels and bits

Sun Sep 16, 2018 7:09 am

Thank you!

If you order from the UK they will supply a 13/16” shank.

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