Fall Classes Cancelled

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Fall Classes Cancelled

Thu Sep 15, 2016 9:55 pm


After advertising classes three times this year, I've had zero interest. I've had some interest between the times I've offered classes, but when I actually offer them, I've had no contacts from interested parties. Not sure why it is so, but it is so. With but a month before the two courses were scheduled (mid October), and no registrations or expressions of interest from anyone, it made sense to cancel....

I'm not really sure how to account for it. I was emailing Ford Hallam and he's also had trouble attracting folks to his fall classes, so I figure it probably isn't to do with me, my questionable dress sense, etc..

Not sure at this point if I will offer classes in the future. Will wait for spring and see how things are going then.
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Re: Fall Classes Cancelled

Sat Sep 17, 2016 7:15 am

I had a class going and my attendee asked me to put it off until after the new year due to travel schedule. It's possibly very difficult to commit a full week at this time of year.

Do you normally get local interest or is it mostly people traveling?

I have been debating an effective approach with classes. My class was going not at my interest but because my student had contacted me and specifically requested me to put together an in-depth class for him. When it came to scheduling, I was thinking an intensive was the best approach, but we ended up doing a weekly schedule of a few hours at a time, which was easier for him to commit to (he's local).

The weekly approach was more difficult for me, having to change gears in the heat of a project every week and find my bearings before the class session providing what was needed in terms of tools and materials, ect. However it was better for him allowing a week of practice in between sessions.

I don't know if this provides much insight, but it's been my experience so far.

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