Preferred method of lining drawers

Furniture making techniques with solid wood.
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Preferred method of lining drawers

Mon Jun 01, 2015 7:47 am

Good afternoon gentlemen,

I have been building away on my cabinet and have had some time to contemplate methods of lining drawers, in this case with leather. I'm wondering if I can trouble you for your thoughts and preferences with regard to drawer liners.

My drawers will likely be of a somewhat typical western style of half blind dovetails at the front and a bottom fitted into a rabbet groove in the sides/front.

In the past I have made drawer liners very similar to this box liner that I have also made;


This is not terribly difficult to execute in lamb suede because the material is quite thin and easily confirms to fit the miters. However, having done this also in bull hides I found that I had to make the mitered corners thicker than I would prefer to accommodate the thickness in material.

And so I'm considering other options and wondering about what solutions you guys may have come up with.

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